Kinder Valley Little Gem Rocking Stand Review



Product Description

  • SOOTHING FOR YOUR BABY Suitable from birth, soothing baby to sleep
  • ROCKING MOTION Steady forwards/backwards rocking motion
  • SOLID BUILD Solid Pine and wipe clean
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS Comes with adjustable straps for different basket sizes
  • EASY ASSEMBLY Quick and easy assembly

Our Rating For This Product

4.5 out of 5 stars


Customers Say about this product

“My baby refused to sleep in his Moses basket which was on a standard folding stand, after many sleepless nights we were ready to try anything! For the low price, we thought this rocking stand was worth a try. We saw instant results, now the basket is low enough that I can see baby when I’m in bed, and I can stick out a hand and rock him, so he sleeps much better now. It also makes the basket much easier to move around. It was really easy to assemble and excellent value for money.”"

Pros and Cons

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